‘Rung’ visits Tribeca Film Festival 2012

Stills from 'Rung'

I can finally announce that Rung, a film that I did the cinematography for has been accepted by Tribeca Film Festival 2012 for the Narrative Shorts Competition!

Here’s a short synopsis:
In Rung, after a cathedral bell ringer passes away, his spot on the bell-ringing choir is up for grabs and two women find themselves in an unlikely competition for the coveted position.

Please check out the film on the Tribeca web site here. There’s a small clip on the web site too! So if you happen to be in New York during the festival please go to the screening!

Chris Hanratty (Director of Rung) was particularly great to work with for the first time on this film. I also have to thank Nathanael Chadwick for all his help, without his gaffing and rigging skills we would have been lost!

Click here for Rung‘s official web site.

Preparing a shot for the final scene of the film.

Lurpak Ad.

Simple camera tricks cut fast with a great use of colour. One great commercial!

Lurpak – Lightest from Blink on Vimeo.

Kinect used to create 3D video.

A couple of weeks ago this guy’s video was posted on Engadget. It was a video of 3D video using a Kinect camera that was pretty interested. Now he’s combined the video feed from two Kinect cameras to make it more interesting. He rambles for a while, but the idea to use these devices for this purpose is great.

For the Techies: Sony F3 Announced!

Today, Sony announced their new PMW-F3K camera to compete with the HD Video capable DSLRs and Panasonic’s new MicroFour
Thirds video camera. The price doesn’t compete that well at a hefty $16,000 for the package but for that price it does include a PL mount adapter and 3 Sony PL mount prime lenses. The lenses included are a 35mm, 50mm, and an 85mm all at f2.0. It’s based on XDCam EX recording and has a full sized Super 35mm CMOS sensor on it. Remember when you were drooling over an HVX….yeah..

L is for Luminous

L from Daniele Manoli on Vimeo.

Interesting video by Daniele Manoli that uses neon lights in hong kong. He has made a series of videos that represent the letters of the alphabet.

Source: Unplggd