Foley Fridays Karaoke LIVE, jurassic park.

Jurassic Park.

On the 19th of October we held a screening of our most recent work at Toronto’s Cinecycle (which is a bike shop by day, screener of movies – typically 8mm – by night). Before we started the feature presentation I had the distinct pleasure of attempting, with the help of some enthusiastic volunteers, to do a Foley Fridays Karaoke session live.

If you don’t know what Foley Fridays Karaoke is – I basically take away all of the sound/dialogue from a scene of a film and recreate it on the spot. The spot usually being my living room. This time I had a theatre and 7 other people to recreate the sound/dialogue for me. The film? Jurassic Park, of course.

Everyone did an impressive job – considering they had no time to figure out how to make the sounds they were asked to make, using the props they were just given. Even the entire audience was used to create the sound of the rain storm in the scene by snapping their fingers and hitting their thighs. Most importantly I think (hope) everyone had a great time doing it. The rest of the Made By Other People agreed that it help make the night just that much more special.Though, if I had one thing to do over again I would set up a better micing system as some great sounds were made but just weren’t picked up by the microphones.

Thanks again to the volunteers, the audience, Cinecycle and the T-Rex for saving our asses from those Raptors (almost too conveniently) at the very last minute.

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More Movies Made By Other People Tomorrow Night.

Tomorrow night (Friday Oct. 19th) all of here at Made By Other People will be at The Cinecycle (129 Spadina Ave.) hosting our second round of Movies Made By Other People and we want you to join us.

It’s been a fair while (two years) since our first screening and we’ve got some amazing work to show for it. We’ve even asked our friends Mary Gerretsen and Yaz Rabadi to screen some of their work with us as well. The best part? Admission’s completely free!

All in all we’ve got a line up of seven unique films/music videos to entertain you and the cheapest beer and wine in the city to refresh you. Doors open at 8pm and the screening starts at 9pm. Come early and take advantage of the cheap alcohol and mingle with us (be sure stay afterward to continue mingling and drinking).

Check out the Facebook event page for even more details – here.

And if you don’t believe me check out the BlogTO post – here.

See you tomorrow Night!

Foley Fridays, the end.

The End.

When I first heard the last chord of The Beatles’ A Day In The Life I immediately thought that it sounded as close to the end of the world as a song can get. I’m not saying that was their explicit intention but it just sounds like the musical equivalent everything imploding.  I’ve thought this so much that when 5 years ago when I needed to make an explosion sound representing the end of a world I played that chord on a piano and mixed it underneath the sound of an atomic bomb exploding. That’s what’s playing above (my apologies for the less than stellar quality). If you don’t hear the chord (E Major) right away listen again – it’s definitely floating in there.

But why am I writing about the end? Mostly because this is the last Foley Friday.

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything in a while and to be honest I can’t see me wanting to in the future so I’m going to end things here. I’ve got a few ideas for future ongoing projects plus the ‘Karaoke” I’ve been doing monthly will keep going and return soon. This decision also comes from our plan to redesign the site into something that won’t exactly support weekly blog posts. Something that, I think, is for the better.

I want to thank those of you that have read even one of these posts in the past, and especially those of you that have read numerous posts. I hope you were on occasion entertained and were able to learn something new over the course of the year and three quarters of Fridays featuring foley. I think I did.

Thanks again, nothing coming next week.

MBOP Takes Over Thursday Thursday.

Our friends over at Greenshades Productions put on a monthly show aptly titled Thursday Thursdays and this month Made By Other People are taking it over.

Come this  Thursday, August 23rd 2012, three of the eight members of Made By Other People will be playing in a show at Toronto’s infamous Ranch Relaxo. Nathanael Chadwick will be playing a sensual solo show and if you’ve followed his blog or heard some of his other stuff you’d know that just because he’s playing alone doesn’t mean he’s not going to bring down the house. Kire Paputts will be there with the rest of the band of merry men that make up Dildoniks. Their infectious band of surf rock infused with a dash of punk is powerful enough for the God’s of old and folks at NXNE so I know your feet wont give you a choice as to whether you’re going to be dancing or not. Finally, Mitch Arend will be there with his newly minted trio The Addington County Revue, fresh off their travels of the deepest, darkest regions of South Eastern Ontario with music so fresh it sounds like it’s straight out of the Seventies.

Here’s where I get real for a second. The guys at Greenshades put on amazing shows and this month’s is no exception. If you like live, infectious music at intimate venues that allow you to go  completely nuts then you’re not going to want to miss this show.

Thursday Aug. 23rd 2012, Rancho Relaxo 300 College St. Toronto, $5 cover.

Foley Fridays, hawk.


As birds of prey go Hawks demand a lot of fear and respect. They are also pretty awesome. There are a lot of movies that use the screech of the mighty Hawk as a standard noise to let the audience and the character on screen that the character in question has been left, most likely dumped on purpose, in a desolate location, often hot and dry, to die alone. The screech is the last sound a lot of animals hear before they die. I’ve seen hawks pick up squirrels and fish and can’t imagine the horror they will experience once the bird tears open their soft bellies with its immense talons, taking the time to let the hot guts of the small prey steam in the cool air, snapping its beak in some sort of grotesque laughter as it swallows chunk after chunk of flesh.

As such I was recently in a conversation with a few friends about going to the woods in the near future. One friend wants to bring her puppy and I very appropriately stated, “Yes of course. but I would warn to be vigilant for Hawks.” It’s safe to say my friends do not fully understand the respect a Hawk commands because MBOP’s own James Vandewater crafted this little screenplay in response:



SIR MITCH stands stoically on the edge of a great crevasse. The countryside lies below him with an eerie calm about it. Smoke drifts lazily from a battlefield.

SIR MITCH takes a moment to adjust the belt on which his greatsword hangs, the blood of countless men frozen on it’s blade.

His legendary beard flecked white with snow, he turns to the small wood-elf beside him.


I would warn to be vigilant for hawks.



A scene almost as awesome as the Hawk itself. If you want an example of how perfectly the Hawk screech works as a sound effect that actually adds something to a scene re-read the script above and press play immediately after reading the dialogue aloud. I understand if you now have to change your pants.

Until next week I remain vigilant.