Save The Date!

Yep, I Spyders is still fundraising! We just can’t stop, we’re addicted! Actually the budget is coming together – fingers crossed we will be fully funded come May so that this film can be finally realized.

Next up is a twist on the month of love – an evening event called ‘Save The Date’ – where Adam Growe (host of Discovery Channel’s Cash Cab) will auction off willing singles to eager bidders. This strange social experiment alone would be enough to come out and join us – but to sweeten the deal, we’re going to have all sorts of gourmet prizes and the evening will eventually turn in to a crazy dance party.

Saturday, Feb 19th @ The El Mocambo – Doors @ 9. $10pp.


From us to you, have a safe and happy holiday season. And remember, it’s ok to cry if you don’t get that pirate-lego set that you wanted, and for God’s sake, take the side road home if you’ve had too many egg-nogs!

This is also our 100th post – thanks for reading

Making Face-Time

Of course the post had to start with an awful pun. I Spyders, my Eyeball Fetish film for all my Oculophilia Homies out there, is moving ahead.

I got together last night with our make-up/sfx artist Kenji Sato and our lead, Kevin Walker, to begin the process of creating the dummy-head for the films climactic ‘spiders bursting through eyes’ stunt. The results were pretty sweet!

Once the latex face is created we can start some proper sfx tests that will include animatronic eyes and some high-speed explosion tests – will be posting on that as things develop.

Soon enough…

Postering Is Such Sweet Sorrow – With A GLORIOUS UPDATE!

Ever felt like you’ve been chasing your own tail? Running in circles for days? Shoveling sand into the tsunami!!!?

That’s what postering on Queen St. W in Toronto can feel like.

I’ve now played my hand many times in the urban-blood-match that is downtown postering, and it can be discouraging and disheartening, as well as downright enraging if you are a weak player in the game. The sheer number of event posters that I have plastered and taped all over this fair city over the years could be enough to drown in, though I’m sure I’d have enough sheets left over to fashion some sort of 1920′s poster-steamboat…

Let’s get to the bottom of this…

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You’re Not So Anonymous Anymore – (With Update)

I was just making my morning rounds and was certain that the story featuring the Southern man who had to eat his own beard at knife-point was going to be the high-water mark for my mindless morning browse. That was until I came across this video:

I’m currently flying blind with the embed above, as my office tends to block certain sites without reason (ie. youtube but not vimeo, even madebyotherpeople for a couple of days). I’ll fix this once I get home – but here’s the gawker link incase it doesn’t work – also, it’s important to watch if the vid above is only the 1:59 version – because believe me, it gets MUCH shittier after that… (may need to copy and paste into your browser)

I’m gonna cut into this bitch after the jump…

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