Made By Other People is an award winning boutique film production company based in Toronto Canada. Created in 2014, they specialize in the creation of film and video works, everything from art house theatrical feature films to corporate media content. Their latest feature film The Rainbow Kid, had its world premiere at TIFF 2015. They currently have two feature films in development. The first is The n-Body Problem, a sci-fi genre bending film that is based off Canadian author Tony Burgess’ book of the same title. The second is a dramatic dark comedy currently titled The Last Porno Show.

Founder and CEO Kire Paputts is an award winning producer/director who has been working in the film and Television industry for the last 8 years. Made By Other People strives to create high quality and thought provoking entertainment no matter the scope of project or size of budget.

Made By Other People is also a film collective made up of 8 Toronto artists. Before it was a production company, it started out as a way for 8 university film school friends to create projects, help one another out, and promote each other’s works. The collective and core idea of the helping out fellow indie filmmakers is still a large part of the Made By Other People branding.