Foley Friday Karaoke, ghostbusters.


Those who know me know that Ghostbusters is one of my two favorite films. I grew up watching the Cartoon, owned most of the toys (still do) and have now amassed an entire collection of memorabilia. I have even gone the extra mile and created a screen accurate costume (you can see me wearing it in the video). I’m just missing the proton pack. I’ve been waiting to do a scene from this movie since I came up with the idea for this little monthly event.

To say that this film has had an impact on my life is an understatement. I sometimes quote or get excited about references to it and the only other MBOPer that knows what I’m getting excited about is Billy Allinson. We even planned a Dan Aykroyd themed party that celebrated Ghostbusters almost above all else.  I’m always amazed at how seriously Bill takes the process of writing. He is constantly writing something that may never see the light of day. The films he does make are unmistakably his voice and style. – Films like Regular and recently I Spyders, which are experiences that will either change your life or at least force you to change your pants.

This was one of the most fun “Karaoke” experiences we’ve done yet. We didn’t really need the script since we knew the lines by heart. The only worry was making the proton pack sound right. I used an old flash for the sound of it turning on and the beam is a combination of sparklers and a vacuum cleaner (bill’s inspired suggestion). Which is ironic really because how many times during my childhood, a lot of our childhoods, were spent pretending a vacuum was a proton pack in the first place.

Until next month, Who Ya Gonna Call?

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