Foley Fridays, batarang.


I had already written most of this post as well as put together the sound when I heard about the shooting in Colorado this morning. It was 95% jokes; making fun of how over hyped these Batman films are (though I do enjoy them a lot) as well as the people that take them far too seriously. While I still believe those jokes were born out of the truth and ridiculous nature people in which regard these movies, I thought I’d not be a complete asshole and get rid of them out of respect for what happened during last night’s midnight screening.

Certainly the fact that this happened during a superhero movie isn’t lost on me but it’s also not lost on anyone else. Though as I sit here writing this I think the very fact that this happened at and in a movie will weigh thought of this tragedy heavily in a lot of people’s minds. I mentioned I’ll be seeing The Dark Knight Rises tonight and, essentially, be actively taking part in the same circumstances the victims in Colorado did. Anyone going to the movie will be doing the same. Going to the movies is an activity most everyone does regardless of age – so I can only assume this senseless shooting will bring emotions to whomever attends a theatre for this weekend at least. The movies are supposed to be a safe place, safe for people to escape and imagine, and yes even in violent movies I would argue an audience feels safe in their temporary limbo. I think that that feeling will be missing for most audiences this weekend. The Superheroes are stuck on the screen.

More (something enjoyable?) next week.

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