Foley Fridays, asmr.


What the hell is ASMR? That’s not a sound effect so what’s it doing taking up space on a precious, precious Foley Friday?

ASMR is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. To break it down – It’s that tingling feeling you get on the back of your neck, scalp and forearms when you are starting to completely relax. Specifically when it’s triggered by sounds around you. Someone’s ASMR could be done by whispering, nail tapping, writing, crinkling plastic, flipping pages, even just the ambient sounds sitting in a quiet waiting room. There are too many triggers to count and some are very specific to some people. That about covers my knowledge of this stuff. Why do I even know anything at all? Because, if you haven’t figured it out, I myself experience ASMR. If you don’t I honestly think you’re missing out.

Apparently people half also referred to it as “Brain Orgasms” but I want to stress (though I doubt it would stop anyone from making fun of me) that that it isn’t particularly sexual at all. There is apparently quite a large fringe community that is devoted to creating triggers for people to listen to and triggering it themselves. Its all over youtube (usually called Whisper videos) I included some here as examples.

Does this whole thing seem weird? Yes. Do I feel weird writing about it? A little. However I find it pretty fascinating that a) there’s a whole community of people trying to get other people to relax using (to be realistic) sound porn videos b) it’s a very relaxing while invigorating feeling. For me, and the real reason I’m writing about it here, its all about listening to the world and the sounds around you. Focusing in on and Letting the quietist or most simple sound literally transform your mood.

There also seem to be more than a fair share of “roleplay” videos as well

More next week.

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