Foley Fridays, xenomorph.


Well Prometheus has been released into theatres. If you’re not aware of the existence of this movie here’s a one sentence crash course as to why you should care: It’s a prequel to a 33 year old Sci-fi masterpiece directed by the original director. What does that have to do with the alien in the photo at the top of the screen? The 33 year old Sci-fi masterpiece is 1979’s Alien directed by Ridley Scott.

In celebration of what I’m sure will be at the very least an interesting experiment I have here several sounds that the aliens in the 4 other Alien films make. The first sound is that of the chestburster and subsequent sounds are what the Xenomorphs (as they’re affectionately called) make when hunting or hurt. These sounds have been not only used 4 films in a series but in 2 other Alien vs Predator movies and countless video games. For those that are Sci-fi buffs, monster movie fans or video game nerds these sounds are all instantly recognizable which is interesting when you think they were created to voice a completely fictitious character.

They made each noise by combining several together. There are squealing pigs, trumpeting elephants, hissing felines and even compressed air all mixed together with even more sound I don’t know about. The main backbone of these sounds comes from, oddly enough, an uncredited voice actor by the name of Percy Edwards who is famous in Britain for overdubbing animal sounds.  If you take a moment to listen carefully to each sound I think you can hear a twinge of personality that comes with a human voice.

In my blog everyone can hear you scream, more next week.

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