Foley Fridays Karaoke, the great outdoors.

The Great Outdoors.

With the warm weather punching us in the gut here at the end of this month I thought we’d start this summer off right. That means, of course, that myself and I friend strip a scene from the cottage comedy classic The Great Outdoors (written by John Hughes!) of it’s sound and replace it with our own.

The friend I’m referring to this month is Nathanael Chadwick. Nathanael is the only member of Made By Other People I didn’t meet in film school. I was lucky enough to have him act in Fanfare – the short I made right out of school. He became fast friends with all of us. We continued to exploit his considerably large talent in further films like Bacon & Eggs and Hey, George. His skills don’t just end at his commanding presence onscreen he is a fantastic musician, an example being Secret Love. He recently completed scoring a short entitled Melissa! (which he also had a part in that as well). On top of all this he runs his own blog called The Last Songs On Earth – check it out! No matter what role he’s playing I don’t think we’d be a group without him.

Why did we choose The Great Outdoors – other than our mutual love of this expertly made comedy about going up to the lake for vacation? Was it because this movie taught us that hot dogs were made of lips and assholes? No. Nathanael originally had an idea of recreating music to accompany the scene, and we planned to add some chase music and some tense strings throughout the scene but simply ran out of time. We’ll do something similar in the future though – mark my words. For this time out though we used a bunch of techniques – flour and water for mud, beads in  paper plates for rain and mixing our voices together to create the bear’s roar.

If you haven’t ever seen this hilarious film and this scene piques your interest make sure you watch it before the summer is over!


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