Foley Fridays Karaoke, 91/2 weeks.

Welcome to Foley Fridays “Karaoke”. Much like you going out with friends to sing sloppily otop hit pop songs once a month my friends and I will take a scene from a movie, remove all of the dialogue/sound effects (foley) and sloppily record our own live. No editing or mixing involved! No bouncing ball required!

When I work on set as a sound recordist my most hated scenes are any that feature extended bouts of kissing. Imagine the slopping, slurping and sucking of mouth against mouth and tongue against tongue magnified several times and up close. Take after take after take after take. It’s soul crushing. So when my friend approached me with his idea to do the food scene from 91/2 Weeks I felt it was time other people felt my pain.

It’s pretty awesome when someone you respect likes what you’re doing and when Michael Hurlbut came to me with this idea I wasn’t going to turn him down – plus he was beyond enthused to do it. Mike and I met at Ryerson University like many other members of Made By Other People. He’s made some epic short films since that time like Every Day Is Music and Waterbabies. His encyclopedia-like knowledge of film is beyond impressive and intimidating – a point I think that his posts (or should I say immense thesis essays) on this site more than proves.

I also wanted to mention that Mike expertly executed the acute impression of Mickey Rourke and the idea to have Mr. Rourke mumble the titles of other movies he’s been in was all his as well. Mike told me the inspiration came from the 6 months he spent living with him in Tibet – where Mickey never once uttered/gargled a word that wasn’t featured in a title of a movie he starred in.

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