Foley Fridays, wicker basket.

Wicker Basket.

The Easter Egg Hunt is a harsh taskmaster. It’s hours of grueling, body-punishing competition against the most unforgiving of opponents – your siblings or various family members. The Easter Bunny or “Zombie Jesus? They’re not there to help you. They’re the one’s who hid the damn chocolate eggs in the first place. For most little boys and girls Easter is the first time in their lives that they realize that when the eggs fall where they may, when the peeps are down – all you have is yourself to rely on. Yourself, and your handy wicker basket. During the hunt it has been said that the wicker Easter basket is your only friend. It is certainly the only thing that keeps you tethered to reality with its thin wicker fingers gripping tightly together on your sanity and providing a place to store all of your goodies.

Wicker itself is a useful tool for making Easter baskets, sure, but also chairs, other types of baskets (picnic & Laundry) and entire men – if the title of the film The Wicker Man is to be believed. It’s used to construct so many items/tools that of course its depicted on screen from time to time. The thing about wicker is its unmistakable sound. The interwoven stands rub together to make a lovely homespun groaning sound. It’s not a loud sound but like most of the small common sounds in life if it weren’t there on screen we’d miss it. Any movies depicting the horrors of an Easter egg hunt, the pleasures of a sunny picnic in the park or whatever happens in The Wicker Man that doesn’t involve bees will be sure to have that wickery sound somewhere in the mix.

I’ll end this week by reminding everyone looking for eggs this weekend to keep one ear out for that sound – It’ll be a light in the darkest tunnel of your life and that if I can survive (albeit with many scars both mental and physical) then you can too.

For now the hunt is on, but more to come next week.

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