Foley Fridays Karaoke, 91/2 weeks.

Welcome to Foley Fridays “Karaoke”. Much like you going out with friends to sing sloppily otop hit pop songs once a month my friends and I will take a scene from a movie, remove all of the dialogue/sound effects (foley) and sloppily record our own live. No editing or mixing involved! No bouncing ball [...]

Embracing the mistake

The Master at Work

I’ve recently come to realize how a fuck up during a take can make a scene even better. Now I’m not talking about the blooper reels you see at the end of Jackie Chan movies, I’m talking about a cough, stumbling on or repeating a line, a character [...]


Remixes are always fun. This one by Eclectic Method is great!

Foley Fridays, Cymbals.


With the late, great Levon Helm’s passing yesterday I thought I’d post something drum related this week. Drums? That falls squarely under the heading of music rather than foley! Still, here we are.

While a cymbal (not a symbol) is undeniably an instrument and in a film context often used as a [...]

Foley Fridays, ki ki ki ma ma ma

Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma.

Sometimes the best tool you have to make a sound effect is the one you’re born with (not THAT tool, sheesh…) – Your Voice. Since today is Friday the 13th I thought I’d take stab at featuring one of the most famous examples of using voice for [...]