Foley Fridays Karaoke, robocop.

Welcome to Foley Fridays “Karaoke”. Much like you going out with friends to sing sloppily otop hit pop songs once a month my friends and I will take a scene from a movie, remove all of the dialogue/sound effects (foley) and sloppily record our own live. No editing or mixing involved! No bouncing ball required!

Robocop is THE movie of the 80’s. Before you get too upset I’m not saying it was the best film of the 80’s – it’s just the one that best encapsulates everything the 80’s was about: the music, the fashion, the politics and the excess – everything is celebrated while simultaneously being satirized.  It’s safe to say I love Robocop.

There is one person I know, however, that loves it more than me and that’s Kire Paputts who said yes to doing this with me before I’d even got the words out of my mouth. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Mr. Paputts is a member of Made By Other People and that we met while in film school at Ryerson University. He’s a pretty fantastic director who has garnered a lot of press for his film Animal Control and is just about to finish another, Rainbow Connection. When he’s not doing that he’s playing with his aptly named band The Dildoniks in a Uhaul truck somewhere.

With both of us being disturbingly enamored with the movie the hardest part was picking a scene to do. We settled on the one above. I tried everything I could to avoid smashing actual glass in my apartment but in the end we got glass everywhere. Originally I had planned to bang two bricks together to make the firing of the gun – but Kire thought hitting a plastic case with a hammer would sound better – and it did. One thing we didn’t get on video was us using a drill to make the mechanical whirring of Robo’s joints as he moved – but enough about that, at this point you’ve read three paragraphs – just play the fucking thing (and if you already did play it again!). Your move, creep.

More Karaoke next month!

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