Joe Bugsy and Muffin Man – The Lost Tapes

Joe Bugsy and Muffin Man

I was doing some “iTunes cleaning” the other day, and I noticed a bunch of unnamed files. I had a listen, and realized I had found a shit load of awesome hip hop tracks that I made with an old roommate, Devon Ferguson. I had forgotten about how great these tracks were, so I decided to revisit the Logic files, clean up the mixes, and finally share them with the world.

3 or 4 years ago when I lived with Devo, we would often end up getting drunk and making rap songs for fun. I had a Korg ESX-1 Drum Machine (the best drum machine of all time) and Devo had a surprising good flow and set of freestyle skills. He was also amazing at writing great hooks like “Yea, Im ballin on a budget/most girls hate it, but I just love it” His lyrics were clever, humourous, and could create hilarious images in your head “we can go to ikea/thats not a bad idea/50 cent hot dogs coke and a pop/combo it up and your saving a lot/and you will never see this coming/but I collect your bottles after we’re done fucking”

We gave our selves the names “Joe Bugsy and Muffin man”, recorded about 10-15 songs, and  even played a show. The “show” was a night to remember. It was a calm, amateur, open mic night at a Kensington bar called the supermarket. After a couple of hours of lame amateur/singer songwriters strumming their acoustic guitars, Joe Bugsy and I walked up on stage in full blown character, not giving a fuck. I plugged my drum machine into the PA, bugsy ripped the mic off the stand and begin play. The crowd was loving it, and people were blown away. It was like the wu-tang clan interrupting a Sarah Mclachlan concert. It unexpected, random but very interesting and full of energy. However, we did manage to severly piss off the old sound guy. He clearly did not like hip hop.

Joe Bugsy with his new friends, 2012

Unfortunately, Devo had to move to Vancouver to persue his career in Acting. He is still rapping, in fact, he is creating a tv pilot called “Rapping in Connecticut” but its more of a purely comedic approach.  Anyway, I am very happy with our lil group and very proud of the songs we have made. I think if he decided not to move out west, we could of been better then LMFAO. In retrospect,  even though I didn’t take it too seriously at the time, it was some of the most fun creating music I have ever had – and isn’t that the way creating music should be?

Here are a few of my favourites to listen / download if you like.

Ballin’ on a Budget

Rich and Famous

Future Fantastic

Burn Quick

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