Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, In…Indi…IndieGoGo

The face Mitch makes when I post something after Foley Friday

After spending all my Rainbow Connection Arts Council money on Hash and Casino Rama, I needed to find a way to finish the film. I turned to IndieGoGo because I’d seen how much money Bill had raised for I Spyders (something like $3000). Bill, if I’m wrong please correct me.

As a side note: I might be waiting on Bill’s reply for a while. I don’t think he reads this blog anymore.

I got asked this question the other day…

Jen Kassabian: “Why did you pick IndieGoGo over Kickstarter?”

Kire Paputts: “Mind your own fucking business.”

Just joking. I told her I chose IndieGoGo over KickStarter because with IndieGoGo you have the option of Flexible funding. This means that you keep whatever you raise, minus IndieGoGo operation fees. With Kickstarter, you have to raise your entire goal or you don’t get dick. I learned this from Bill. I also had this discussion with a friend the other day and he convinced me that Kickstarter wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. His point was that with Kickstarter, people know where their money’s going. The idea with Kickstarter’s Fixed funding is that if people give you money then they know, for the most part, that the project will get completed, because when you sign up with Kickstarter you are saying that you need this much money to accomplish a certain project. With IndieGoGo’s Flexible funding there’s less certainty. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s an example…

Other IndieGoGo campaigns

Say someone needs $10,000 to finish a short film about a teenager with Down syndrome who has a fascination with rainbows. Say that person only makes $3,000. That person gets $3,000 but he still needs another $7,000. How’s he suppose to finish the film? What if that person isn’t able to raise the other $7,000? What happens then? Well, depending on the person, that particular project may never get finished and that person is now $3,000 richer.

As a side note: The key part of the last paragraph is depending on the person…I’m not that person.


I started working on the IndieGoGo campaign page about a month ago. Klopko and myself spent an afternoon working on a little promotional video. We invited Dylan out and he gave us his thoughts on everything from working on Rainbow Connection to manscaping. I got the video down to just under 5 minutes. When I was researching other successful campaigns on IndieGoGo I quickly realized that the majority of them had videos under 3 minutes. I also realize that people’s attention span in fucking pathetic, but the video is what it is. I think it’s interesting and will keep the viewer watching. I’m not gonna cut it down for the sake of following a particular structure.

As a side note: Sticking to structure for the sake of structure, whether it be writing, editing, etc. is a totally separate blog entry in the future.

Mike Hurlbut at Parts and Labour

After a few video issues with Vimeo we finally launched yesterday. In the first hour we raised over $500…majority from friends, but still. It sits at $615 as I write this. So far the response has been positive. I think a big part of raising money is knowing the people/communities we’re trying to appeal too. For instance, I’m not marketing this campaign towards Ossington hipsters or Mike Pierro, I’m gonna reach out to local Down syndrome organizations, communities and other special needs organizations. I’ve already established a dialogue with a lot of these people when I was doing casting and many have been extremely supportive towards the project. Another reason I’m steering the campaign their way is that they have a better understanding and appreciation for the project and its cause. Many parents who have kids with special needs don’t need me to tell them that a film like this doesn’t happen that often.

Another thing to put some effort into is the perks people get when they donate. I probably could have come up with some better ones but they’re not bad. I think the key thing is to have a good variety or denominations. I have $1,000 option called The Executive but I don’t expect anybody to donate that much. I’m expecting to make most my funding on the $10 or $25 options. Both great options by the way.

Now that I’ve emailed everybody I’ve ever met with this campaign I’m trying to figure out other avenues to explore. I have a few ideas but I’ll share them on a later date. I think the most important thing to keep in mind when doing this type of stuff is that creating exposure for your project is just as important, if not more important, then raising funds. Raising $10,000 would be awesome, but the fact that people are learning about the film is more valuable. Getting back to I Spyders, I think Bill and Kyle did a really good job promoting the film before it was done. It was something that people talked about and looked forward too. The premiere was also packed.

We also launched the film’s website at the same time. I think it’s important to show that the project lives outside IndieGoGo because…

1: IndieGoGo doesn’t last forever and you need other outlets to further promote the film and keep up the little momentum you might have.

2: The more work you put into things like a website, Facebook and Twitter account, the more serious you look and the project looks. Hence, people are more willing to trust you with their money.

Use information at own risk!

The campaign’s gonna run for 45 days. I figured that’s enough time to accomplish everything. I’m gonna to update the campaign often. Vandewater’s gonna cut a trailer, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I’m also gonna add more pics and other interesting goodies.

As a side note: Keep in mind, everything I’ve written up to this point is shit I’ve pulled out of my ass. What the fuck do I know? This is all based on how I think good fundraising works. I maybe totally wrong. Maybe $615 is all I’ll make. I just checked again and it’s still $615. I could be doing another blog post in 45 days with my tail between my legs. If you’re stupid enough to trust a Macedonian then you get what you deserve. For other fundraising tips check out this video.

Now here’s where I get serious. How can you help?

1: Donate. If you feel like donating that’s great.
2: Create Awareness. Aside from raising money, I’m trying to create awareness for film. If you could pass this email and info on to others it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe they’ll donate.
Here is a link to the IndieGoGo campaign page

Dinner with James Vandewater and Dylan Harman (Part of the Executive perk when you donate to Rainbow Connection IndieGoGo)


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    Watched your video Kire… I might’ve thrown a nickel in your soggy Cofee Time cup but the mic placement on your Old Navy Kids Kardigan was so shit that I just can’t now. Standards! I used to floor direct Gord Martineau, you know.

  • fuck kire. that picture of hurlbut