Forget Breakfast. I Save My Jam for Sunday Afternoon.

I really enjoy playing music with a group of people. Not only does everyone contribute to make a whole something that is far better than the sum of its parts (much like making a film…) but it makes me feel like a halfway decent musician. The past few years have left me with very little [...]

Fanfare, Four Years Later.

It has been four years to the day that Mitch and I wrapped production on our first post Ryerson film. To mark the occasion we decided to record a short conversation of us reminiscing about the good ol’ days and recalling the trials and tribulations that we all went through to get this opus [...]

Foley Fridays Karaoke, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.

Welcome to Foley Fridays “Karaoke”. Much like you going out with friends to sing sloppily otop hit pop songs once a month my friends and I will take a scene from a movie, remove all of the dialogue/sound effects (foley) and sloppily record our own live. No editing or mixing involved! No bouncing ball [...]

Foley Fridays, Pepper Grinder

Pepper Grinder.

I like pepper. It has its own flavor and helps to bring out other flavors in what its ground onto. I say ground onto because, being the pepper snob I am, I feel that freshly ground pepper is not something we can just trade like my dignity or a common soul [...]

Money Close Ups: Bela Balazs, Robert Bresson and L’Argent

It is a truism — or at least a provocative cliché — that God is in the details; and according to renowned culture critic, filmmaker and proto-cine-theorist Bela Balazs this idea is especially true in cinema. In his august essays, The Close Up (1930) and The Face of Man (1929), Balazs posits [...]