Foley Fridays, face shaving.

Face Shaving.

Shaving by Mitch Arend

In celebration of (Moustache + November =) Movember I submit to you the sound of a person shaving their face. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female; if you follow the rules set by modern grooming standards this is one of those sounds that you feel [...]

Foley Fridays, roll the dice.

Roll The Dice.

Roll The Dice by Mitch Arend

This evening I’ll be knee deep in board games and surrounded by the familiar sound of 6 sided die (I’d gladly be using a 4 – 20 sided, buts its just not that kind of evening). Its classically cooler to use dice when gambling [...]

Foley Fridays, poppy field.

Poppy Field.

Poppy Field by Mitch Arend

Poppies often grow in large groups and in open fields (such as the famous flanders). If you were to stand in such a field and observe a moment of silence and reflection as one is ought to do today you very well might here the grass [...]

Foley Fridays, biting a strawberry.

Biting a Strawberry.

biting a strawberry by Mitch Arend

Earlier this week we posted EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, the short we made for Toronto’s most recent 48 hr film challenge, on the web.  Sure, I’m bias, but I highly recommend you take a few moments and watch it Here. Holding to the challenges namesake [...]