Foley Fridays, puck & boards.

Puck & Boards.

Puck & Boards by Mitch Arend

I played Hockey all summer and the season ended this week. Already I’m nostalgic for not only the sights and smells of the rink but the sounds as well. Sports movies, in this case ones about Hockey, demand very specific sounds that should be present the entire time were watching a game. I suppose you could get creative -an example being almost every Hockey movie from Mighty Ducks, Slap Shot to Miracle adding extra bass and wind whoosh to each skate cutting into the ice – but all the sounds, more than any other genre, are fundamentally based on what you see/experience is what you hear. I would argue that this is really because most of the audience for these films have actually played the sport and have heard each nuanced sounds up as close as you can get. If one aspect were missing or changed it wouldn’t feel like a true representation of the sport.

I took a recorder to the arena with me to get this week’s piece of foley. I set it on the ice, hit record and took a slap shot. A huge part of what helps place you in that arena is the very natural reverb. Its so natural it’d be really to replicate with effects in post. That’s why when in most making ofs on Hockey movie DVDs highlight the sound of the film it shows them recording on the ice, in the arena, with actual players slowly and meticulously gathering every bit of sound you’d hear on the ice. The very fact that more often than not Hockey Movie special features devote so much time to showing how they recorded their foley shows just how important sound is to a sports film.

I’ll stop now before I get two minutes for rambling (not an actual penalty), more next week.

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