Foley Fridays, on the rocks.

On The Rocks.

On The Rocks by Mitch Arend

Drinking anything on the rocks has slowly replaced smoking as the essence of cool, at least on the silver screen. That’s not to say smoking still isn’t as cool as it once was, characters just tend to do it less due to new laws [...]

Foley Fridays, face punch.

Face Punch.

Face punch by Mitch Arend

What’s more satisfying than seeing someone get punched in the face? I suppose seeing someone who truly deserves it, but that’s beside the point. Someone once said there is beauty in violence (and if no one has – I just did) and that is certainly the [...]

Foley Fridays, puck & boards.

Puck & Boards.

Puck & Boards by Mitch Arend

I played Hockey all summer and the season ended this week. Already I’m nostalgic for not only the sights and smells of the rink but the sounds as well. Sports movies, in this case ones about Hockey, demand very specific sounds that should be [...]

Foley Fridays, gallop


Gallop by Mitch Arend

Not to beat a dead horse (I’d rather ride a live one) but last week’s post reminded me of another classic sound that any self-respecting cowboy can’t be without. Hell most adventure films and period pieces would be lost without it. Much more than cowboys themselves there is [...]