Foley Fridays, meat on the grill.

Meat on the grill.

Meat On The Grill by Mitch Arend

I’ve been watching a lot of Epic Meal Time lately ( – a group of good ol’ Canadian boys making Epic meat meals and gorging them down like the good ol’ Canadians they are. I mean really – what, at the very least, do Canadians want out of a Canada Day like today? Maybe some fireworks, a beer or two, but definitely barbeque with some friends – some sizzling red meat on the grill, some BBQ sawce to wash it down with (no offense to any veggies/vegans but  – never mind – I don’t really care if you’re offended). There are a lot of movies that have BBQs in them – football movies have tailgates, Camping/Cottage movies have at least one scene with a grill (The Great Outdoors anyone?) – but not many have real close shots of meat hitting the grill. That they leave to commercials for restaurants, for both fast and slow food. Either way, if the meat searing on the grill is in the forefront or the background you need to hear that meat-a-cookin – or at the very least that first sizzle as it hits that hot steel grate.

This particular piece of audio was recorded on this morning as I cooked my Canada Day Breakfast. There isn’t much in the way to replicate this sound other than putting a mic next to the grill. I don’t know why’d you’d want to do it any other way – enjoy the perks of the job and eat the damn thing afterwards.

Time to flip this thing, I think its done. More next week.

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