Foley Fridays, wheelchair.


Wheelchair by Mitch Arend

Were back to a sound effect being in honour of something – this week the new X-Men movie! For those who do not respect all things great in this world enough to know – Professor Charles Francis Xavier is crippled at middle age and relies on a wheelchair to get around – but he’s in no means the only character in movie history to use one. Wheelchairs can be used in any good comedy movie not afraid to have a little fun at a cripple/injured person’s expense. However its mostly used in hospital dramas or action movies – particularly when one of the main characters was potentially killed but shows up at the end with bandages and in a wheelchair or in dramatic race down a hospital hallway between 2 rivals recently in a stock car crash – as seen in the wonderfully sublime Days of Thunder.

Not owning a wheelchair to record myself I ultimately combined 3 different recordings to make the foley above. I took the sound of a metal cart being pushed and combined it with a heavy bicycle wheel, also being pushed, peppering in a dash of a squeaky metal frame for good measure. I mixed the three with varying volume levels – the cart wheels becoming the most subtle. The end result doesn’t sound too much like the fancy new wheelchairs they make today but more like an old rickety one of yesteryear. I hope the combination passes your listening test and you can image a chair with wheels on it a rollin’ away.

Get used to me honouring comic book movies kiddies. More (general sounds) coming next week.

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