Foley Fridays, plane.


Plane by Mitch Arend

I missed honouring Green Lantern’s release last week due to the anniversary of my birth. While the film was disappointing I still want to give a little tip of the hat due to my residency in geekdom. If Green Lantern has space and aliens abound in it why [...]

Foley Fridays, birthday candle blow out.

Birthday Candle Blow Out.

Birthday Candle Blow Out by Mitch Arend

Today is my birthday so I’ll make this brief as I have much better things to be doing other than writing about foley on my birthday (like getting older). Everyone knows the birthday scene in a movie – everyone gathered is either [...]

Foley Fridays, bike bell.

Bike Bell.

Bike Bell by Mitch Arend

Summer is here – the sun is shining, the leaves are green, the in shape have crawled out of their whatever holes they exercise in to bask in the sun, the misshapen cover up slightly less due to the heat and you see a hell of [...]

Foley Fridays, wheelchair.


Wheelchair by Mitch Arend

Were back to a sound effect being in honour of something – this week the new X-Men movie! For those who do not respect all things great in this world enough to know – Professor Charles Francis Xavier is crippled at middle age and relies on a wheelchair [...]