Foley Fridays, hammer.


Hammer by Mitch Arend

In honour of Thor (the superhero movie) coming out today I thought we could all do well to listen to some hammering. While its no match for Thor’s mystical hammer Mjolnir, the sound of a hammer in use can be a powerful thing. There is a lot of things that a hammer can be used to hit, smash and for lack of a better term hammer and we’ve seen a lot of them in movies over the years – various body parts, inanimate objects, nails etc. The sound I included is the most realistic use of it and I ask anyone to think of a film with a construction site without the sound of a hammer at least faintly in the background.

I’m going to make this quick as by this point it should be obvious how I would suggest you record the sound. Get a hammer, get a nail, get a microphone. Make sure you give some good distance to capture some of that natural reverb. If it’s a frost giant’s skull you’re crushing (this is another reference to Thor by the way) get yourself a frost giant’s skull.

Until next week I’ll be talking softly and swinging a very big hammer.

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