Foley Fridays, human giant

Foley Fridays, room tone.

Has it been 2 months already? This calls for a very special Foley Friday…

Room Tone

Room Tone by Mitch Arend

Silence. It can be an incredibly effective tool in film. If used right it can be as impactful as an explosion and as poignant as any written dialogue. It’s just too bad [...]

Foley Fridays, door knob.

Door Knob

Doorknob by Mitch Arend

A door without a knob is not easily opened. That’s probably why most doors I know have some sort of knob on them. They have so many uses beyond just opening a door! They’re used to lock out unwanted parties and to alert you when someone’s about [...]

Foley Fridays, bed springs.

Bed Springs.

Bed Springs by Mitch Arend

In honour of the impending doom of Valentines Day I thought we could all listen to some bed springs together. I suppose there’s a few of you reading this that are thinking that you already have to listen to your roommates/siblings/parents make the same noise in [...]