Merry Christmas (Wikileaked your Wish List)


From us to you, have a safe and happy holiday season. And remember, it’s ok to cry if you don’t get that pirate-lego set that you wanted, and for God’s sake, take the side road home if you’ve had too many egg-nogs!

This is also our 100th post – thanks for [...]

Make A Christmas Movie, Live Forever.

It’s tradition in my family that after successfully putting up our Christmas tree we sit down with some steaming hot Pizza and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I’ve joined the Griswolds on their Good Old Fashioned Family Christmas almost every year of my life and it has yet to get old in any way. While [...]

Making Face-Time

Of course the post had to start with an awful pun. I Spyders, my Eyeball Fetish film for all my Oculophilia Homies out there, is moving ahead.

I got together last night with our make-up/sfx artist Kenji Sato and our lead, Kevin Walker, to begin the process of creating the dummy-head for the films climactic [...]