Do It Right

DramaWay students

So,when I’m not working on the Last Pogo doc or asking film festivals to watch Animal Control without paying a fee, I’m pushing forward with Rainbow Connection. Doing some research, I came across DSAT (Down Syndrome Association Of Toronto). Here’s a link to their website if you’re interested in checking them out.


Kinect used to create 3D video.

A couple of weeks ago this guy’s video was posted on Engadget. It was a video of 3D video using a Kinect camera that was pretty interested. Now he’s combined the video feed from two Kinect cameras to make it more interesting. He rambles for a while, but the idea to use these devices for [...]

Postering Is Such Sweet Sorrow – With A GLORIOUS UPDATE!

Ever felt like you’ve been chasing your own tail? Running in circles for days? Shoveling sand into the tsunami!!!?

That’s what postering on Queen St. W in Toronto can feel like.

I’ve now played my hand many times in the urban-blood-match that is downtown postering, and it can be discouraging [...]

Then you superimpose the cock.

I work in television, and spend a good deal of time standing on street corners at night wearing a headset. For some reason, this makes weird people want to talk to me.

So, I’m outside at around midnight last night on the Danforth and this guy approaches me; pear-shaped and pasty with a shit-eating grin [...]

Daddy Still Thinks I’m A Saint.

I like making movies and I like making music but more often than not the former doesn’t give me much time to do the latter. Though, once in a blue moon I’m lucky enough to do both at the same time.

While in school I was asked to write an original song for a film [...]