Nuit Blanch 2010

So, as you may have heard, the members of our humble collective have decided to put on an impromptu screening for this years Nuit Blanche festivities. We’ll be playing the program from our recent screening out of the back of a u-haul near the corner of Queen and Ossington. We’ll be there all night long and I’ll be updating this post a the evening progresses. It should be a blast!

Well it’s 6:23 pm and we’re here at the lot!

6:42 – Kire had the foresight to bring a tent for the rain! But neglected to pack the instructions. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

7:15pm – Crisis number two: no power.

7:41 – Problem solved.

8:03 – Popping corn!

8:46 – And the show begins!

9:14 – Bill brings out his alter ego, Diva.

10:12 – And then this light came on. What a bitch. We managed to block it with a garbage bag, a cardboard box and some duct tape.

1:14am – We ran out of popcorn. Luckily metro’s open all night.

3:27am – What a great night! Thanks to everyone who came out.

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