65 Years Too Soon? – With Update

I love Halloween for so many reasons, but I think my favorite is when the different costumes come together in character and role play their lives away.

I went out with some good friends last night and was able to do just this. One of us went as Hitchcock (crow on shoulder) and was lucky [...]

Last Minute Costume Ideas.

Hey Kids! With Halloween only two days away I know you may be worried about getting that perfect costume in time to go trick or treating. Why not dress up as you’re favorite website, madebyotherpeople.com?

Deluxe Costume Kit Includes:

Black Velvet Leggings and Shirt

Lip Balm (not shown)

Life-like Computer Casing

Bowie Knife (also [...]

Opinions are overrated…

…in my opinion.

I recently went to a short film festival called Wildsound Feedback Film Festival. “Where the audience is the main character!”

This is an interesting idea. The way it works: they screen a selection of short films, about an hour’s worth, at which point the moderators pass microphones around and members of the [...]

Hitler’s Dog

Hitler’s dog is what my father and uncle called our old family dog Honey, who was a German Shepard. I may have already used this bit in another blog entry, but I can’t remember and don’t care. I think it’s funny enough to mention again.

As a side note: I’ve always wanted to get a [...]

The Best Music Videos on Vimeo

I spent a couple of hours browsing Vimeos “most liked” music videos yesterday. There is a bunch of artsy fartsy shit on there, but there is also a lot of great content. I hand picked some of the most entertaining, visually creative, and sexy to share with you.

Now, I dont necessarily like all the music, [...]