The Other People Take on the White Night.

That’s right! We’re very excited to announce that this weekend the eight of us will be (unofficially) taking part in the Nuit Blanche festivities. Taking our cue from Kire’s previous U-Haul antics we’ll be projecting a handful of films out of the back of a truck just north of Queen St. on Ossington. Here’s an artist rendering care of James Vandewater of what you’ll see from the street:

We’ll be playing the program from the very successful screening we had a while back, so if you missed that swing by for sure. And if you didn’t miss it come by anyways! It’ll be a blast! There will be popcorn, a random assortment of chairs and a bunch of great short films. And if you’re curious, here are some trailers for the films that we’ll be showing.

We’ll be in the parking lot between Sweaty Betty’s and Queen West Self Storage as soon as it’s dark enough to see the movies (so 9sih) and go as late as is reasonable (probably 4 or 5ish…). Hope to see you there!

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