Music videos for M.I.A’s “MAYA”.

Musically, i find M.I.A’s new album “/\/\/\Y/\”  hard to listen too. Unlike her previous records, its inaccessible, messy, and all over the place. However, the few songs that actually do shine through, are enhanced even more with video.

The controversial video for “Born Free” is pretty much a short film, and the digital aestheic in [...]

The Other People Take on the White Night.

That’s right! We’re very excited to announce that this weekend the eight of us will be (unofficially) taking part in the Nuit Blanche festivities. Taking our cue from Kire’s previous U-Haul antics we’ll be projecting a handful of films out of the back of a truck just north of Queen St. on Ossington. Here’s an [...]

Can-Con #3: Chloe.

In Chloe, Atom Egoyan’s latest film, he once again delves into the intricacies of human sexuality. Starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore as a middle aged couple going through a “rough patch” and Amanda Seyfried as the lonely call girl who thrusts herself into the centre of their problems, the film is easily Egoyan’s [...]

They Tell Me You’re A Man With True Grit.

Coincidentally as I was writing the post below (The Duke vs The Dude) the teaser trailer for the Coen brothers’ remake of True Grit hit the web. Here are the trailers for both versions of True Grit beginning with the original then followed by the remake:

Don’t let the age of the original’s [...]

The Duke vs The Dude.

This isn’t the freshest news. It isn’t even that particularly big of news but damnit there are still some folks that don’t know it – and if you even remotely come close to enjoying a good western as much as me, you are gonna want to know it.

The Coen brothers are remaking True [...]