It’s A Wrap.

Different kind of wrap

No, not that kind of wrap. I’m talking about a film wrap. Roadkill, Preservation, Animal Control, Homotional Rescue, or whatever you want to call it is finally completed. Over the last week we have managed to finish the sound design, colour correct, and tell my actress that her scenes got [...]

Who or What are Other People? A Tentative Answer to a Question Few are Asking.

Who or what are Other People? Are they just like the rest of us, or somehow different? Are they the stratified elite, hoarding away secret-power and wealth in their counting houses, or just another anonymous element of the unwashed masses? Or are they, as Jean Paul Sartre succinctly put it, hell?

In Fact, Made [...]

Missing Missy or My New Favorite Day Job Related Fantasy.

As you may have guessed we aren’t getting paid to post these witticisms up here on the World Wide Web, so yes, I have a day job. It’s the unfortunate necessity or trying to make it in the film industry or in life really.

I make corporate videos. Not only that, I wear a suit [...]

The Power of the Word.

This is a video I shot for Rhombus Media featuring prolific Canadian author and International PEN president John Ralston Saul and music by Broken Social Scene.

A true collaborative effort; check out the long list of artists and industry professionals in the credits roll who donated their time and resources to create a work [...]

Take Me Away Shows.

Les Concerts à Emporter, (or the english title, Take-Away Shows) are a series of live video recordings filmed (mostly) by independent french filmmaker Vincent Moon. While most of you have probably seen a “Take Away Show” on youtube before (like The Arcade Fire performing Neon Bible in an elevator, or Sufjan Stevens singing on a [...]