Sorry About Your Window.

Jonathan and Betsy, his young-at-heart girlfriend, have been enlisted to cat-sit for Jonathan’s sister. While there, Betsy takes the opportunity to play house and test her boyfriend’s patience.

Here’s the first bit of what will probably be an eight or nine minute movie:

Sorry About Your Window. – Intro from Michael Pierro on Vimeo.


Movies Made by Other People.

Great news!

This August we will be hosting our very first official screening. We’ll be playing 7 short films that feature the work of all 8 of us in various capacities.

The screening will take place at Cinecycle on Saturday, August 7 at 9pm. More details on the program and rest of the evening [...]

Cinderella Punks.

Kire Paputts in Paris

Cinderella Punks is a term George Higton used when I interviewed him a few months ago. George Higton is the creator of Shades magazine (a music and cultural magazine from 1978-198? that wrote about what was happening locally and internationally during a time when mainstream press weren’t paying much attention [...]


Definitely interested in seeing ‘Lebanon’ Directed by Samuel Maoz and Cinematography by Giora Bejach. The whole film takes place in a tank. I don’t know how this slipped by me at TIFF.



G20 Protest in Toronto – June 26 from James Vandewater on Vimeo.