There should be no question that Benicio Del Toro is one of Hollywood’s greatest working actors but if anyone has ever doubted it, this scene should lay those doubts to rest.

Taken from Julian Schnabel’s 1996 biopic Basquiat, this scene is easily the best of the film. As a whole the movie is a [...]

Buzzkill Betty.

Buzzkill Betty

oh buzzkill betty, always knocking on my wall when the music that we’re singing it really ain’t that loud oh buzzkill betty wont you let us have some fun if only you could realize that you could sing along

oh buzzkill betty why don’t you sing along? oh buzzkill betty why don’t [...]

They Call This Land ‘Dough-Nation’.

Dough as in Money (see also the magic that happens when you press shift, with the ’4′ on your keyboard), Nation as in a fine land full of fine people – all of whom I’m shamelessly seeking funding from in order to create a new short film.

It was about a month [...]

Lessons in Failure.

Tattoo handbill for premiere

Let’s talk about low points in our lives for a second.

Tattoo was once described by someone as a “misogynistic Rock n’ Roll fantasy“. They weren’t far off. Tattoo was my first attempt at making a feature length film. The concept, if you can call it that, came about [...]

Hey, George: The Podcast.

We were invited by the Worldwide Short Film Festival to record a short podcast about the film. I thought it would be interesting to talk with actors Nathanael and Meredith about the process we went through to develop the characters and build the script. So after a lovely breakfast made by Sophia, my better [...]