Spinning Yarns.

Spinning Yarns clips from James Vandewater on Vimeo.

I’m interested with problems of identity; specifically, the distinction of who we believe we are with who we actually are. (If anything). It was with this in mind that I approached this documentary experiment I completed recently.

The plan was simple and rather vague: we were [...]

Forgotten Spaces.

Oakmount Rd. #01

This past fall I began a project about abandoned and decaying spaces. It’s a pretty well explored subject already, maybe even a cliche by now, but there is still something about places like this that draw me in.

Of most of the photographs I’ve seen tackling this subject, I think the [...]

First Post Ever.

Hello world!

Welcome to the freshly birthed “Made By Other People” blog. At the moment there isn’t that much to look at, but be sure that in the coming weeks and months (and years) there will be. We hope you enjoy bearing witness to the humble explorations of us aspiring artists and look forward to [...]